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    Here are some people and projects that have inspired our ways of working…

    New York Times: Occupy Sandy BBC News: Why Linux succeeded
    John Whittington: Placemaking Jan Jacob Stam: Trauma in Organizations
    Dr Monica Sharma: Conscious Leadership</td> David Cooperider: Appreciative Inqury (AI)
    Moises Naim: The End of Power Otto Scharmer: Theory U
    Marvin Weisbord: Future Search Timothy Gallwey: The Inner Game of Work
    Peter Block: Six Conversations
    Nancy Kline: Time to Think
    Meg Wheatley: Community is the answer Henry Mintzberg: Managing Quietly
    David Bohm et al: Dialogue - a Proposal Peter Senge: Too Late to Wait
    Harrison Owen: Open Space and Spirit Shows up Carl Rogers: The Essence of Therapy
    Amy and Arnie Mindell: Deep Democracy United Nations: Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    Etienne Wenger: Communities of Practice Thomas Piketty: Capital in the 21st Century