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    Here are some colleagues with whom we created ideas, delivered exciting programmes, reflected or wrote:

    Alan Addison - British Council Umar Kawu - MiDDLEGROUND
    Lindy Bossenger Eve Mitleton-Kelly - LSE Complexity Group
    Tessa Bradon - The Coaching team Jeremy Keeley - Keeley Carlisle, Sadler Heath
    Julian Burton - Delta 7 Gordon Lyle - Gordon Lyle Associates
    Vicky Cosstick - ChangeAware Bob MacKenzie - AMED Writers Group
    Andrea Davy Tritia Neeb - Djihn
    Steve Dilworth Ben Parker - MTI
    Twalib Ebrahim - MiDDLEGROUND Annika Ratcliffe - CGI
    Jill Fairbairns - Executive Coach and Supervisor Kate Renshaw - Kate Renshaw Associates
    Elana Friedman - MiDDLEGROUND Ben Smithies - Verismo Consulting
    Philip Goodwin - Tree Aid, British Council Tim Savage - T Solutions
    Andy Harmon - Actors Mind Malcolm Tulloch - BG Group
    Pattie Horrocks - Executive Coach Chiara Vascotto - Insight Hunter
    Myrna Roselind Jelman - Ashridge, Spring Film David Webster - The Centre for Teams
    Mary Joyce - Leading Minds Consulting Philippa Williams - Practive