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    Our services are Facilitation to your team, Coaching to individuals, and Programmes with MiDDLEGROUND or CIPD. Each unlocks a powerful response to your challenge and writes a new Story.

    How? We help you push the boundaries. We focus you from a different angle: more listening, sharing the facts, better linking people. With a bigger picture that matters to them, people will commit more to one another.


    If your leadership team’s ‘real work’ is to impact the outside (eg. customers) via those inside (eg. staff), we work ‘live’ with your team towards this. We bring real participation and re-include the lost voices. You grow clearer in purpose, connection and impact. Here are examples: the Edexcel Story and the Dialogue Workshop.


    Coaching gives you a way to adjust yourself, so that others can better produce the results. Jessica a new CEO can focus on how to transform her organisation. Miguel can discover how differently to enrol his jaded team. And Darren can become the creative leader, not just the cost-cutter. Usually we coach face to face, six sessions of 90 minutes, with ‘homework’ in between. But we fit it to suit you.


    Your team makes a journey to purpose. This can begin selfishly: each saying what you need. Soon embracing the ‘relational’ (who do you depend on?) and the ‘personal’ (what is frustrating?), eyes will light up. Feedback sharpens contributions. Impact springs from tighter action. Trust, capacity and reputation grow. You are shifting the system and co-creating a better world.

    Right now leaders we are working with - from Vienna to London, Scotland to South Africa, and Botswana to Bristol - are with their teams writing new stories. So what new story will light your people up?