Reviews of "Diary of a Change Agent"

By Tony Page

A real story and an illustrated method for developing yourself as a leader.

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It is the book I wish I had written....will help anyone seeking to learn and grow, particularly managers, leaders, consultants and other influencers of change. Gareth Rees, Chief Executive, Towers Perrin.

This endearing book is for anyone, like you and me, having to make choices in the face of conflicting demands, perhaps with some feelings of guilt towards one's family, trying to balance everything. Once you relate to the author you're hooked.
Andrew Curl, Vice President, SmithKline Beecham.

It is very personal, and relevant to all kinds of managers, consultants and certainly psychiatrists! The layout, with diagrams makes it accessible, easy read that could be popular on a wider scale.
Grant Hearn, MD, Whitbread.

The biggest problem all of us are facing is to change our organisations fast enough to cope with the changing of the external environment.... the starting point is to change oneself. I am not aware of any other book which gives such insights into dealing with this problem.
Sir John Harvey-Jones, MBE.

A challenging, provoking and very human perspective on what being a reflective practitioner means on a day to day basis. ....sometimes painfully resonant for consultant, change agent or manager.
Michael Jarrett, Cranfield University, School of Management.

Once I got my hands on it, I just couldn't put it down. It is for any professional going through transformation and change, not only consultants. It gives you a framework to think about yourself. It shows you life isn't perfect, that learning isn't only academic but experiential. A pivotal and important book.
Vyla Rollins, Head of Organisation Consulting, KPMG.

The book is inspirational.... it achieves a simple exposition of profound and complex change management issues, and I recommend it both to my professional colleagues and to ...clients.
John O'Brien, Head of Senior Executive Mentoring, Coutts.

As one reads these accounts, one gets a strong sense of being in the confidence of a true master of both the craft of consulting and the practice area of organisational change.
TC, Executive Director, Merck.

If Tony was one of my own students I would be very pleased with him and proud of it. It underscores the necessary discipline of daily inquiry that helps discern pattern amidst the trivia in search of the profound. Richard Pascale, writer, lecturer and consultant.

I was gripped. Seeing parallels with my own journey, I admired your ability to express it so clearly. The book is a brutally honest account ...with exercises to engage the reader in understanding their own learning journey.
JB, Training & Development Consultant, BBC.

Page's reflections will be like gold dust for self-employed consultants...or trainers...and a stimulating read for facilitators.
People Management Magazine.

...courageous ...timely....absorbing...will challenge every consultant and client.
Barry Curnow, President of the Institute of Management Consultants.

Your book is going down a storm here. People thought it odd at first but now we're really into it!
PT, Transformation Practice, Coopers & Lybrand.