Irresistible Chocolate Brownies!

What is the effect of adding “irresistible” to the line above? Why on EasyJet do we hear gurgling water and happy voices during in-flight marketing? How much of our behaviour is automatic? We look at some ways that our unconscious behaviour can be influenced towards better choices.

Last month a man died unnecessarily, falling down a staircase at work in a plant in Linz. Despite instructions, he failed to hold the handrail, then tumbled and fatally cracked his head. Michael Kruger, Health and Safety Manager there, has been looking into how the human mind functions in such circumstances. He draws from Dr Rob Long’s <a href=””; target=”_blank”>theory of the three minds</a>.

Most of us do not deliberately have accidents, eat unhealthy foods, fall into arguments, or lose money. So when this happens what is going on?

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Coming back to the “irrestistible” word and the sounds of bubbling Prosecco, a multi-media delivery will most likely raise greater interest. But without checking we do not know if sales will actually rise.

In the more serious challenge at Linz, if we are to change behaviour and operate more safely, how might we harness these new insights? Is it possible to install a new micro-rule that alerts Mind 3 to a hazard, and brings Minds 1 and 2 to deal safely with it?

We still have lots to learn!