After The Party

What is it like to be inside the bubble of a “radical movement”? What happens when our bubbles burst, and how can we keep our radical bubbles healthy?

Unlike being in an average family or job, being inside a radical movement becomes an exceptionally intense party, perhaps a little like this…

We are living through magical times. We are “radicals”, blazing a trail to a glittering future. Misguided? No one could accuse us of that! Small-minded? No! Thinking big, our hearts bursting with optimism: this is us building a better world!

It is unstoppable, bigger than us. We are fearless, and growing in courage. What is “outside” is simply not “alive” to us, dull and boring. Sure we may be paying a price: losing sleep, time with loved ones. But it’s worth it, because every day we are stronger, and getting closer to our dream.</em>

And what happens next…?

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Once we know what happens to such movements, we can find a form of foolishness here. Would not the “real radical” break this mould, in order to achieve something much greater?

So why not pull up a chair… and let’s tell our real stories of radicalism. Let’s distinguish the bad “bubble”, from the better “circle of trust” that is safely attached to outside reality. As real radicals quietly in touch with our values, let’s learn to tend our gardens so that we can help to manifest, through thousands of small actions, something lasting and beautiful: a public park, a school, a hospital.

And just occasionally let’s turn up the volume a notch, to show others it is a “quiet radical” that we are really being!