Shaun The Sheep

Being April Fool’s Day, some of us are wondering why Shaun effigies are appearing all over London. There are clearly elements of fun and fundraising… but is there more to it?

Yes, there is more to it, but it’s not a gotcha, nor an April Fool!

When we stop and ask why are so many organisations associating with Shaun, they are there of course “for their own reasons”. Shaun being a much loved celebrity now in around 150 countries, can help raise interest for their products.

For example the Shaun in the photo is outside the British Council in Spring Gardens - and right now you can find 120 Shauns grazing across the city. Why outside the British Council? Because it has entered an agreement with Aardman to employ Shaun.

Why? Because after 80 years’ of teaching English around the globe, experienced people at the British Council have noticed that Shaun can assist them in drawing in the very young people everywhere whose lives can be improved by learning to speak English.