In the Tribe of Gen U

Hearing the new term, “Generation U”, I am a tiny bit more comfortable now I have a tribe! The U signifies the age and stage of being “unretired”. What keeps some of us from hanging up our boots?

As a younger man, I once blurted out that I might retire at 40, and now part of me is surprised and also curious about why I am still unfinished. And as I want to get a bit choosier and work a little less, I need to prioritise better, and face up to the real reasons I still work.

Of course some people want to stop but can’t, for the big reason of money. And it’s handy to have extra cash, or more time to save up for later years… but money’s not the only reason. So what else is behind this?

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Beneath the slight befuddled confusion of an “unretired” we have found a meaningful clarity arriving: an “unfinished business” that might be to help create good conditions for a next generation to enable the Millennials who follow them. I would be encouraging people to spread the leadership, unlock the hidden resources residing in one another, connect well and keep adapting.

As one who remains unretired, this brings us at last to a pressing topic that was just a strong hunch back in August 2014, and has with the benefit of Jot become a practice field that might really matter. Let’s call it… “The Open Systems Stuff”!