What is Jot (six months in)?

A publisher told me his work has become impossible since one billion people began writing blogs, and self-publishing books, many of dubious quality. The irony is this tsunami of writing leaves no one to do the reading, like a room full of people lined up and speaking to the wall. Who is Jot for, and what is the benefit?

Jot is like a blog but a different, quieter form, in that it does not aim to sell services, or to go viral. It still serves a purpose whether the number of readers is 1 million, 1 or zero.

The broad topic of Jot is “leadership”: aimed at those who are interested in how to spread leadership across teams in a workplace that is going through significant change. The writer sees a greater potential for each to connect with others towards a common purpose, and is reflecting on how to create “enabling environments”.

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A pleasing form of Jot might be stating a question, exploring logics and passions carried by some different voices, towards a landing place that understands “what is”. This is taking the rough tangled wool, teasing it out gently to find some threads of connectivity, and it is explicitly not spinning to argue or persuade.

A warmer and less intellectual form might begin something like: “If my son or daughter were to ask why should I bother to vote I might say… but they would be right to point out… and this leads me to wonder… so why not…?”

There is an art to writing a Jot entry – it creates a kind of release in the writer and also leaves something human behind, an artefact, like a painting or sculpture. Jot aims towards the possibility of giving meaning to a reader by expressing what we humans are tangled in, and this connects us!