Welcome to the Values Revolution

Great to have a survey picking up on a revolution in values we have for several months been describing here in Jot! This hard-hitting research report (from Global Tolerance) exposes what is and will be driving new behaviour in your workplace and customer base.

Is this an organisational wake-up call? Dr Neil Stott (Executive Director, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge) says this points to: “how important it is that values, mission, governance and impact are aligned. We will all be increasingly held to account for our virtuous promises. The good news is, it is good for business too.”

How do we know?

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In summary, people expect all aspects of their lives - from their purchasing decisions to their careers and their spare time - to have a positive impact on the world. The authors assert that this is not a trend: it’s a profound societal shift and it’s happening everywhere!

Clearly, many organisations have work to do to embrace these values across all their operations, strategy and communications. This is an opportunity for savvy organisations to get ahead: to do well by doing good.


  • Download a copy of The Values Revolution here.