Boundaries 3 - How We Can Evolve

As organisations are becoming more open, leaders are asking what sort of culture we actually want, and how to create it. Here instead of misty-eyed stories of sports teams, we find out specifically how creating “circles of safety”, and a “giving culture” can create ripples that spread benefits.

Right now at home it’s almost Christmas and making a dessert for Boxing Day lunch using plums from our homemade plum vodka, I feel safe and happy, in a spirit of giving, in contrast with previous years when I have often felt rushed and out of balance. Why might this be relevant to the workplace?

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If it makes sense to create a “giving-dominant” workplace, what are you advised (by Prof Adam Grant ) to do?

  1. Get the right people on the bus - most people are “Matchers” who will become “Givers” in a “giving-dominant” culture, so screen out the “Takers” before you hire them, and then you tip the balance
  2. Redefine “giving” as regular small favours, and get known as a great connector
  3. Ask for help - and show colleagues how to draw support from one another.