Boundaries 2 - A Leader's Role

A previous piece on boundaries highlighted why our workplaces are tilting from fortress-style, to much more open. This second describes how the leader’s role is moving from “decision-maker” to “culture-shaper”.

Top teams are starting to lead their people differently. Symbolically the fall of the Berlin Wall ended our attachment to creakingly inefficient command and control. This is just one of 80 Moments illustrating a world opening up to give more access to information, health, education, travel, medicine and technology.

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There is little doubt that today’s more open access is affecting our choices as consumers and workers. When people are the face of their brand, senior leaders are beginning to realise their success flows less from their business decisions, and more from the culture they create.

When that penny truly drops, what different kind of lleader might you become?


  • This is the second of three Jots looking at how our boundaries are changing. The first looked at why this is happening, and the third will look at how we can evolve to survive and thrive.

  • Draws from HBR: What Airbnb gets About Culture by Arun Sundararajan.

  • Image: Public domain images via Flickr Commons.