Boundaries 1 - Opening Up

A sceptical questioner answered his own question: “Are you saying we should always be completely open? No! That’s not a natural state, we’d be overwhelmed by ‘too much information’… in more ways than one!”. So why are organisations opening their boundaries?

My work with top teams involves figuring out how leaders can engage their people differently. What is driving this? Even big fortress companies (like Boeing, BMW, IBM, Merck, P&G… see Wikinomics) are learning that “closed” is not viable today, and want to hook into ideas from their eco-systems (of customers, suppliers, competitors and workforce). They even share valuable IP when it helps them to innovate.

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The workplace tilts because “normal” no longer works, and our normal leadership no longer works either. How can we learn to lead in a way that makes the new place terrific, not just terrifying?