80 Moments

Were you ever inspired by something big happening, then crushed by yet another catastrophe striking? When wrong-footed like this, these 80 moments that shaped our world from 10,000 diverse voices worldwide, are a source of greater stability, wisdom and insight.

80 Moments tells a story, with a ranking drawn from 10,000 diverse people across 10 diverse countries, who voted on the biggest events that shaped our world.

The story captures not only some of our biggest collective breakthroughs (number one being the invention of the World Wide Web, and amongst them the global popularity of football, low cost air travel, social media, Michael Jackson)… but also some of our greatest challenges (the holocaust in Europe, terrorist attacks, 2006 tsunami, the atomic bomb etc) and our response to them (Live Aid concerts, United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, greater equality for women, environmentalism, decolonisation, and many more).

The collective response to these challenges tends to reconfirm we are at our best when each person and each country reaches out to connect and play its fullest part in re-creating the world we want to live in.

Thanks to the British Council, on the 80th anniversary of its cultural relations work, for putting this together.


  • 80 Moments that Shaped The World: the list and the full report.

  • Image: word cloud from the British Council report.