Coffee with Harry - Finding The Thread

I introduced Harry to Trude. Trude is a psychologist from “down under” currently working in high tech, and interested in leadership and organisation development. Harry is a Brit with over 30 years experience in this field. This is the first in a series of such conversations.

Tony: Let me start by asking you Harry, what you might want to offer to support Trude’s interest in leadership and OD. If you had to sum it up in a single sentence, what have you learned from a career in this field?

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Tony: So “losing the thread”, this nice short phrase you’re using describes a flaw in how we operate, not just in graduate recruitment, or in restaurants, but it points to what we forget to take care of across public services, in health or education, and our most important industries. Harry, can you share with Trude some ways you address this with your clients?

Harry: Here are a couple of practical things I have landed on. A few years back, I was frustrated with executive teams, that our brilliant workshops were held in a bubble cut off from customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. So we started to bring the “wider system into the room” – and on occasions this produced really exciting results. Now we’re using a simpler method: sending team members out to do “discovery interviews” and bring back stakeholder voices into the room. We then use a further method - called “system constellations” - to work powerfully with representatives of those stakeholders. But this is for another discussion. Trude, you will find your own creative ways as soon as you starting looking at some of those lost threads.

Trude: I’m sure I will, and I’d love to learn more about constellations.

Tony: Let’s get together for another coffee soon!