How Google Works

How much of what we’ve learned about managing businesses is no longer useful? At Google, Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg asked themselves a powerful question: “what’s different now?”

What’s different now? How many assumptions are we making that are no longer true? The answer to both is… quite a lot. With open access to information, transformation is happening faster than ever before. In every sector firms are being disrupted by new competition. Firms producing crummy products lose out as consumer reviews make sure better products win.

Inside companies the power shift is happening too: individuals and small teams are finding ways to a bigger impact. The problem is, in most companies this is happening only slowly, and despite (not because of) the managers.

To create an environment where smart people can thrive: get the group to write down what they most care about, have everyone involved in hiring, make decisions around the best answer (not the boss’s answer), go “open” to ramp up the speed and volume of information flow, let people connect and innnovate, ask what could be in five years from now, get ideas from everywhere, place your bets…

These are just some of the new rules for running a company… in a way that draws the best from the new generation of people who thrive on openness, instant access to information, being asked for their ideas, and being trusted.

It is How Google Works.


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