Ever Thought of Doing a TED Talk?

Well I hadn’t thought of a TED talk until someone asked me. What made this question so powerful? What was the gripping idea it produced? Where could a powerful question take you to?

Ever thought of doing a TED talk? My reflex was simple and fast. One word: no! But then an excuse as if in apology: “I do not have a topic”. Brief incoherent babbling gave way to a sudden explosion of insight out of nowhere: not a clear topic, but one I felt a strong interest in. Only later, reflecting on this, did I notice what a powerful question I had been given.

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Today I still have no plans to do a TED talk, but the powerful effect of a question remains. Where might the TED question take you? Let’s add this to the “10 ways to open up your company”: why not ask a powerful question today!