Why Try to Hold Back the Tide?

After almost eight weeks of quietly curating Jot, we take stock. We have found enough examples of “new organisations operating with greater openness” to be able to say: watch out! The “openness” wave is sweeping across our organisations, transforming how we have to lead: both on the inside and on the outside. The good news is we can see ways to swim with it…

Today’s zeitgeist is “end of power”, vividly apparent right now in anti-authoritarian news stories: Scotland’s referendum to leave the UK, Hong Kong’s “umbrella protests” for free democracy, Islamic State brutality in Iraq and Syria, Ukraine breaking away from the shadow of Russia.

Similar forces lurk inside our organisations: old centralised power, undermined by a new appetite for open sharing (of information, ideas and decisions). We saw this in Mozilla, Virgin, Apple, Google, Netflix, Pixar, Barcelona FC, and all the Wikinomics examples. Just as King Canute illustrated, leaders cannot stop the tide.

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Jot is watching and helping you stay with the wave. We know there is no one way to swim, and your goals vary, but to get everyone aligned we recommend a “whole sytem exploration” with your team, showing how each team member can take up their leadership towards building a better organisation.