The End of Power - Three Revolutions

Power, is easier to lose and harder to use. The Pope resigns, President Morsi is toppled, Kodak closes. In business and in global geo-politics small players are finding a new kind of power and competing with the biggest. Does this matter? Yes. Three revolutions today bring us exhilarating opportunity, but also great danger and challenges for leaders. What to do?

We tend to avoid speaking about power, but Moises Naim (an executive director at the World Bank, former Minister for Industry and Trade in Venezuela and editor of Foreign Policy magazine) has spent the last seven years analysing what is happening with power, and it is decaying. I went to see him talk last January at the RSA, to find out what this means.

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What this adds up to is, we can be sure the future will be messy. The time is not over for leaders, and people are still looking to appoint leaders to whom they can pass authority and who know their real work is to restore confidence and secure mutual consent.