Shaking Our Windows with Wikinomics!

The authors of “Wikinomics” make bold claims, and offer four provative principles that re-define how companies are competing in today’s increasingly collaborative world. What might it be like to go that way? Find out how people may react.

The Wikinomics authors, Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams, assert: “twenty years from now we will look back at this… as a critical tipping point in ecomomic and social history. We entered a new age… based on new business models where the nature of the game changed.” They go on to describe four principles - openness, peer-to-per working, sharing, and acting globally - as defining how successful 21st century firms will compete.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly shaking windows provokes defensiveness, but despite this we can expect leaders to continuing throwing open their doors, to co-create entirely new economic eco-systems.