Why Write a Love Letter to Corporations?

In a former life I worked with a young business consultant who is today a renowned professor. Recently Lynda Gratton surprised those sceptical about corporations… by writing them a love letter, pointing out what companies can do better than anyone else.

Lynda and I have in common that we both gave up highly paid jobs in return for certain freedoms we required to start our families. I became a freelance facilitator with corporate leadership teams, while Lynda took a higher profile in research and teaching at London Business School. Since then from a distance I have sometimes noticed and often admired her work, for its belief in people, and its insights into how leaders can make us much more creative, productive and fulfilled.

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Lynda pinpoints three things companies do better than anyone else (innovation, scaling and mobilising, building alliances) and asks why don’t we harness these towards our two most complex global challenges: youth unemployment and climate change.

As someone concerned by those two challenges, and impressed with what corporations have achieved, I think Lynda has a point! Why don’t we?


  • Listen to Lynda Gratton with Peter Day on Radio 4 here.
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