Open Kitchen - Open Workplace

The Mozilla office near to Trafalgar Square has the hallmarks of “cool”, with bicycles hanging on the wall, and a free, always open and well-stocked kitchen. What can we learn from the Mozilla kitchen about how to create a better workplace?

Walking into a large open kitchen area, I asked: “Do you have to pay?”. No it’s free, you can have breakfast, or coffee anytime. When you’re hungry have a cereal bar, or heat yourself up some curry and rice from the fridge. Look at those free chocolate bars, and free bottles of craft beer!

“But how does this work in practice - surely the beer would go?”. Pause. Well people just don’t take it home. It is being provided for us, and we like that so no one wants to mess it up. I think it’s because we are being trusted.


  • More on Wilson Page’s experience of joining Mozilla, a workplace inspired by the Open Source movement here.