Elbow? So What is Lighting You Up?

This came up recently when a CEO said “You have to keep biting people’s heels!”, but his number two said “No, we must fire up a new generation in a way that is less brutal and much more inspiring!”. So I started listing what is inspiring me, and surprisingly…

… this line on Elbow’s album kind of grabbed me: “Carrying commitments like cats in a sack”. It sums up where I am. It is August, my sacred time to refresh. And surprisingly my inner geek brings this unexpected topic to my light-up list: “today’s workplace”.

If that seems embarrassingly mundane, particularly on holiday, it is what it is, and, to placate the geek, I ask: “How is the workplace changing?” Geek responds: “It’s not just in the working hours or the remote-working, but we are seeing fundamentally different atttiudes and groundrules coming out of today’s ‘open source’ world”. My gut says make a note: “look for the leaders who are feeding not eating the souls of their people”.

To close this short chapter, the light-me-up list never got much longer than that, but making it felt therapeutic, and opens a new path. I am left with questions: Is there evidence the nurturing workplaces are sourcing the winning ideas? What can I shed to make space for it?

Please don’t think I’m intending to drown any sweet little kittens: rather to find them some new homes. In case I am not the only one who feels burdened right now, I can offer a couple of questions: “What inspires you?” and “What are you finding is most inspiring for those you lead?””