Why Jot?

Jot is a real book (with a sparkly cover!), written old style, pen on paper, without any machine. It is what pours, during an uncluttered half hour here or there, from the infinity of the mind onto a blank white page.

Jot begins with what I notice others, people and groups in teams and organisations, are saying - leave out the boring stuff, and catch what seems interesting, unexpected or just not quite right. You will find a lot of “is”, a little “was” and “could be”, hardly any “should”.

From random jottings in the handwritten book I am sharing just a few extracts. But why? Did you ever just want to “say” something, as a witness to what seems noteworthy? Could these examples somehow feed the soul, of the writer, and a reader, inspire others to want to share?

Let’s jog the universe and wake ourselves up to what’s missing!